The DogRoom  - 21 Lochnell Street Lochgilphead   Tel: Sue  01546 602344
The DogRoom has now moved to 21 Lochnell Street Lochgilphead and opened for business on Tuesday 6th May 2014.
 With more space to cater for your dogs needs, a purpose built grooming room specifically designed to suit all sizes of dogs. 

01546 602344

Professional dog grooming in Mid Argyll for all  breeds of dog.
A top to paw, nose to tail complete make over  for your favourite friend.     
All breeds and sizes welcome.
Whatever type of dog you have they can be comfortably groomed and pampered at The DogRoom, the equipment I use is designed for the smallest Yorkie to the biggest Newfoundland.
Appointments are booked on a one-one basis in a calm relaxed environment. Your dog's health and welfare are my top priority and caring for your dog in a stress free friendly environment makes the whole experience as pleasurable as possible.
Grooming is a essential part of caring for your dog. All dogs, whether short or long coated benefit from brushing and bathing. A neglected coat can be a source of extreme discomfort , matted coats can lead to irritation and infection, and a perfect habitat for parasites.
If you are forever clearing up dog hair, that rolls around the floor like tumbleweed? your dog would benefit from a process called 'de-shedding'. This removes all the dead, loose undercoat from breeds like Labradors and Retrievers, leaving their coat clean and shiny and smelling so much better!
to book an appointment or to discuss your dogs requirements call Sue on 01546 602344
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